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Building information modelling

What is BIM?

Complex services systems can be modelled in detail to show how they will fit within their environment (Image courtesy of Hoare Lea) (click image to zoom)
Building Information Modelling (BIM) models and manages information as well as graphics for sharing information through construction and the whole building lifecycle, eliminating the need to re-enter data, and avoiding data loss, miscommunication, and translation errors.

BSRIA BIM activities

Building Information Modelling (BIM) Network
Membership of BSRIA's Building Information Modelling Network is open to all - both BSRIA members and non-members.

For the past few months the BG 6 Working Group - an offshoot of the BIM Network - has been producing a revised version of BG 6. This latest version, Design Framework for Building Services (BG6/2014), including design activities relating to BIM, is now published and the group has been developing exemplar 3-d models to illustrate different types of building information model, appropriate for the stages of MEP design. These are not quite ready for publication and a link to them will be provided as soon as possible.

BIM training courses
Understanding Level 2 BIM is aimed at people who are new to BIM, provides a general awareness of what BIM is. It focuses on the Government’s BIM strategy for their projects and the 8 components of BIM Level 2.

Implementing BIM is aimed at managers of buildings in use and will then demonstrate how to develop a BIM implementation plan for their own business.