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BSRIA and South Bank University develop airflow technologyApril 2010

KTP with LSBU helps BSRIA harness LDA

Laser Doppler Anemometer
The bunch of acronyms in the heading above disguises a consultation process between academia and industry that is proving extremely valuable to both. The partly Government funded Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) scheme aims to help co-operation between business and higher education and in this case the partnership between BSRIA Instrument Solutions and the London South Bank University (LSBU) in the development and application of Laser Doppler Anemometry (LDA) in the Building Services Industry has borne both commercial and academic fruit. 

BSRIA Instrument Solutions is offering measurement services to industry especially within construction, and the LDA appears to have great potential as a non-intrusive and super-accurate 
CFD analysis of a rotating vane anemometer in an outlet from an open jet wind tunnel
method of measuring airflow within a building. Instrument Solutions is now 12 months into the 2 year co-operative project with LSBU and results are extremely promising not only for the original purpose but also in other fields of measurement and in performance prediction when allied with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD - another acronym to remember), another area for joint research.

Instrument Solutions Rental Manager, Alan Gilbert, underlines the value of the results to date. "There are many types of instrumentation for measuring airflow in buildings but by far the majority are intrusive and this often affects the results." he says "But the uses of LDA go further than that for the great accuracy of the system allows us to verify the output from other test facilities in the lab." He goes on to explain that CFD predictions of what is happening within a building are far more valuable when used in conjunction with LDA, a system that helps to turn predicted data into real life measurements with sometimes remarkable results.

BSRIA Instrument Solutions' open jet wind tunnel calibration facility
It is always rewarding to see a co-operative venture such as a KTP flourish as in this case it indubitably has. The theoretical input from the South Bank University combined with the practicality of the go-ahead R&D facility of BSRIA Instrument Solutions has not only produced results that are commercially viable and attractive, but has also opened up fresh avenues of research where the value of LDA and CFD can continue to blossom.


For more information contact Alan Gilbert at BSRIA Instrument Solutions:

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