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Keller ManoRecord

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The Keller ManoRecord is a microprocessor controlled digital pressure gauge and logger available for liquid, air or as an intrinsically safe version (IS) for gas.

The gauge will log up to 16,000 values (with one logging parameter set) with user selectable log intervals.

The number of logged values reduces with the number of logged parameters set ie when 1 logged parameter is set 16,000 readings can be recorded while when 3 parameters are set then a maximum of 5,300 values can be recorded etc., etc.

Product Features

  • Document downloads
  • Instrument FAQs

Instrument product options



Logger software

The logger software allows the read-out of the stored data from the ManoRecord instrument. The data transfer takes place via a serial interface on the PC. The gauge is connected through a cable K101 (supplied with logger software). The software offers many further processing possibilities of the read-out data, and meets all the requirements of modern Windows software such as:

  • Graphical display
  • Tabulated display
  • Export into other Windows programs
  • Storage into files


Impotant notes

All Instrument Hire models are provided with the software and RS232 link lead for setup and download. Gauges have 1/4" BSP connections. It should be noted that the unit will not work in conjunction with USB to RS232 converters. For Keller gauges with USB fittings please refer to the LeoRecord version.

All liquid gauges with x1 straight mechseal and binder connector.

0 to 10 bar (0.01 bar resolution), 0 to 30 bar (0.01 bar resolution), temperature range -10°C to 60°C

Intrinsically safe air / gas gauges are not provided with any fittings.

0 to 1 bar / 1000mbar (0.1 mbar resolution), temperature range -10°C to 60°C



Keller gauge safety notice

  • Technical Document
  • PDF file
  • 13 KB

Keller ManoRecord data sheet

  • Technical Document
  • PDF file
  • 134 KB

Keller ManoRecord Ex user manual

  • Technical Document
  • PDF file
  • 331 KB

Keller ManoRecord MR2 software manual

  • Technical Document
  • PDF file
  • 560 KB

Keller ManoRecord V3_1 software

  • Software
  • Archive file
  • 453 KB



I have data on my instruments but I am unable to dowload the device, what do I do ?


If you are unable to download data from an Instrument Hire unit, this we can normally do for you on it's return to our laboratory.  You must however advise us of this requirement in the form of a prominent note with the returned goods, and ideally by letting our Hire staff know in advance so that details can be added to the contract documentation.  Please also advise you e-mail address so we can forward any data file.

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