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Wohler DP 700

Available for hire

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The Wohler DP 700 is an easy to use positive and negative pressure high accuracy air leakage tester which can be used in a wide range of applications.  Not only can the instrument be used for the airtightness of duct systems in can also be used for testing enclosures such as air handling units, climatic chambers, vehicles, and electical cabinets.  

The DP 700 has been especially designed for leakage tests according to EN 12599 - Test procedures and measurement methods to hand over air conditioning, and ventilation systems according to EN 14134 - Performance testing and installation checks of residential ventilation systems. The air tightness values are to the classes of EN 13779 (identical to EN 12237, 1507, 15727, 13403, 1751 and 13180).

Product Features

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  • The ideal tool for the QA testing of ducts including systems such as those built into residential dwellings
  • Additional adapters for air flow rates < 0.3 l/s with a high level of measurement accuracy.
  • Suitable for leakage tests of AHU's
  • Easy to operate 
  • Store up to 100 measurements
  • Automatic or manual measurement modes
  • Practical size, 2 easy to carry storage cases

Important notes

The Wöhler DP 700 is not designed for continuous use or for long / extended periods in an attempt to locate leakes within a system.

The Wohler DC series software is not available to purchase or as an optional accessory.

The Instrument Solutions rental models are supplied with 110 V and 230 V power leads.


Power supply :  110 V or 230 V

Range (230 V unit)       0.0000 to 55.00 l/s

                 Class A     Class B     Class C     Class D

20 Pa       290 m²        870 m²       2600 m²     7800 m²
200 Pa     65m²           195 m²       580 m²       1750 m²
2000 Pa   15 m²          44 m²         130 m²       390 m²

Theoretical duct surface area testing limits at maximum allowable leakage rates (230 V 50 Hz unit)

Range (110 V unit)       0.0000 to 40.00 l/s

Resolution     0.0001 l/s to 0.3000 l/s

                        0.001 l/s to 3.000 l/s

                        0.01 l/s > 3.00 l/s

Accuracy (flow measurement)      ± 0.0009 l/s or ± 5 % of the test value whichever is higher

Pressure range       ± 7000 Pa

Pressure resolution       0.1 Pa to ±900 Pa, then 1 Pa

Pressure accuracy       ± 0.5 Pa or ± 2.5 % of the test value whichever is greater

Current consumption       9 A maximum

Weight (without accessories)         9.5 kg



Wohler DP 700 air leakage tester data sheet

  • Technical Document
  • PDF file
  • 2 MB

Wohler DP 700 air leakage tester user manual

  • Technical Document
  • PDF file
  • 1 MB

Wohler DP 700 air leakage rate - duct surface area calculator

  • Software
  • Archive file
  • 8 KB



What is the maximum measurement range in volume flow that the DP 700 can achieve ?


For the 230 V unit the range is 0 to 55 l/s.  For further details on the 110 V unit and resolution of the instrument please refer to the instruments user manual found in the download section within the website.


Is the DP 700 capable of measuring negative as well as positive pressure testing ?


Yes, the DP 700 is capable of taking both positive and negative pressure readings depending on your test requirements.

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