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viZaar Industrial Imaging AG VUCAM XO

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The VUCAM XO is an easy-to-use borescope with a full set of practical features. Use of the VUCAM XO centers around a cutting-edge graphical user interface (GUI) displayed on large bright colour touch screen which is intuitive to use. Articulation of the borescope bending section is controlled and exact. Articulation steering is readily learned and understood with minimal training and without time consuming familiarization.

Applications for the VUCAM XO exist throughout many industries including the inspection of: aircraft engines; gas and steam turbines; castings; tubes and pipes; gear boxes; pumps; tanks and pressure vessels.

Product Features

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The VUCAM XO is packed with features including:-
  • Digital single image recording in JPEG format with ability to capture images during video recording
  • Video recording in MPEG4 format
  • Easy to use interface that has been specifically designed for a portable borescope
  • Direct access buttons for video, image capture and illumination control
  • Lightweight carbon fibre construction with rubber bumper rotection for harsh environments


Probe working length    2.2 m, 3.3 m  and  6.6 m

Probe diameter    6.0 mm

Probe articulation   130 ° (2.2 m version), 120 ° (3.3 m version) and 100 ° (6.6 m version)

Probe construction    Four layer, final layer cut resistat tungsten

Optical direction of view (DOV)    Standard 0 ° forward, optional with tip adapter 90 ° side view with 100 ° field of view

Optical field of view (FOV)    Standard 45 °, optional with optical adapter 100 ° wide angle

Optical focus range     3 mm to endless depending on optic adapter chosen

Illumination type      Special high power hybrid LED glass fiber ilumination. Digital phase width light control auto / manual

Illumination light power      High efficiency LED illumination, 6 Watt, daylight quality 6.500 K

Image resolution      RGB 263 K colours

Image size     640 x 400 pixel

Image / picture type      JPEG format

Video recording        MPEG4 format

Weight      1.5 kg  nominal (1.7 kg with battery), depending on probe length

Memory      SD card 8 GB 

Power supply     Battery: 6.4 V 

Battery concept     Two field replacable high power LiFePo4 batteries. Quick charge technology, charging while the sytsem is operated from mains, optional external charging unit allowing additional battery charge. Charging time below 2 hours. Battery life time depending on operation. LiFePo combines the advantages of Lithium cells (no memory effect, high capacity, low weight) while being safe from self ignition. System air transportable.



Using a portable borescope user guide

  • Technical Document
  • PDF file
  • 167 KB

viZaar VUCAM XO portable borescope data sheet

  • Technical Document
  • PDF file
  • 1 MB

viZaar VUCAM XO portable borescope user manual

  • Technical Document
  • PDF file
  • 1 MB
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