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TSI / Airflow TA465 series

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The TSI / Airflow TA465 series are portable, handheld, multi-function ventilation test instruments featuring a menu-driven user interface for easy operation. On-screen prompts and step-by-step instructions guide the user through instrument setup, operation, and field calibration. The TA465 also features an ergonomic, overmolded case design with probe holder and a keypad lockout to prevent tampering during unattended use. These instruments are available with or without a differential pressure sensor and are designed to work with a wide range of plug-in probes.

Product Features

  • 4 model types
  • Range of accessories
  • Document downloads
  • Instrument video
  • Instrument FAQs

Instrument product options

1. Select a model (4 available)

Continue to select accessories

2. Select accessories

3. Select a calibration



Features and Benefits

  • Optional “smart” plug-in probes, including VOC, CO2, and rotating vane probes
  • Accommodates up to two Type K-alloy thermocouples
  • Large graphic display
  • Displays up to five measurements simultaneously
  • On-screen messages and instructions
  • Program for local languages
  • Intuitive menu structure allows for ease of use and setup
  • Multiple data logging formats
  • Bluetooth communications for transferring data or remote polling
  • Includes LogDat2 downloading software with USB cable

Non-Bluetooth versions

The TSI 465 range of instruments are available in non-Bluetooth varients for locations where the use of the Bluetooth comunications protocol is not alowed.  You are still able to download stored data via the USB cable and software with the non-Bluetooth instruments. However, these instruments will no longer be able to be paired via Bluetooth to the 8934 wireless printer or to a Bluetooth-enabled computer.

If you require pricing on these models please contact the BSRIA Instrument Solutions technical sales team on 01344 459314 or instruments@bsria.co.uk

The part Numbers without Bluetooth are:

  • Ventilation meter TA465-NB
  • Ventilation meter TA465-A-NB
  • Ventilation meter TA465-X-NB
  • Ventilation meter TA465-P-NB


Optional probe types

  • Type 960 thermo anemometer straight probe - velocity and temperature
  • Type 962 thermo anemometer articulated probe - velocity and temperature
  • Type 964 thermo anemometer straight probe - velocity, temperature and humidity
  • Type 966 thermo anemometer articulated probe - velocity, temperature and humidity
  • Type 995 rotating vane 100 mm diameter probe - velocity and temperature
  • Type 980 IAQ probe - CO2, temperature and humidity
  • Type 982 IAQ probe - CO, CO2, temperature and humidity
  • Type 984 low concentration (ppb) - VOC and temperature
  • Type 985 high concentration (ppm) - VOC and temperature
  • Type 986 low concentration (ppb) - VOC, temperature, humidity and CO2
  • Type 987 high concentration (ppm) - VOC, temperature, humidity and CO2



TSI / Airflow TA465 series data sheet

  • Technical Document
  • PDF file
  • 338 KB

TSI / airflow TA465 series user manual.pdf

  • Technical Document
  • PDF file
  • 1 MB

TSI LogDat2 software user manual

  • Technical Document
  • PDF file
  • 764 KB

Demonstration video

TSI training video - How to set your instrument up to do a duct traverse



Are the TA 465 series available in non-Bluetooth versions ?


Yes.  Please contact the Instrument Solutions sales team for further advice.


Can the TA465 be used to monitor duct velocity using a Pitot tube ?


Yes. This can be achieved by connecting a Pitot tube to the pressure ports and selecting Pitot velocity from the display menu.  


Can the TA465 display all parameters simultaneously ?


The TA465 can display 1 primary and 4 secondary parameters simultaneously but will log all parameters that have been selected in the display menu.

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