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Retrotec DM32

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The Retrotec DM32W is a dual channel touchscreen manometer (differential pressure gauge) for blower door and duct leakage systems such as the Retrotec 451 DucTester. Available with WiFi capabilities, it is small, lightweight, and exceptionally intuitive to use with its clear touchscreen.

The DM32W can be controlled with a computer, connected directly or over a network via Ethernet, or directly via USB. Ethernet cables of 100m segments can be used, offering an unlimited distance of reliable control, without the need for pressure tube extensions. The WiFi capability provides the added advantage that systems can be controlled and viewed remotely.


Product Features

  • Range of accessories
  • Calibration options
  • Document downloads
  • Instrument FAQs

Instrument product options

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  • Touchscreen interface : Clear simple to use, simply "Tap & Go"
  • Lithium-ion battery : High capacity rechargeable battery which can even be charged in you car with a USB cable
  • Ergonomic design : One hand operation
  • State-of-the-art pressure sensors : Digital transducers designed to be more stable than the conventional alalog type.
  • Multiple measurement units : Calculates the most complex requirements such as m3/(h/m2)
  • Free software updates : Upgrade over the internet new features and capabilities as they introduced without the need to return the instrument back to the supplier


Pressure range -750 Pa to +750 Pa

Pressure resolution 0.1 Pa

Pressure accuracy ±1% of pressure reading or ±0.25 Pa (whichever is greater)

Pressure accuracy calibration meets USACE, ASTM E779-10, CGSB-149.10, EN 13829, UK ATTMA TSL1 and TSL2, NFPA 2001, ISO 14520, EN15004, RESNET

Weight 320 g

WiFi 802.11 protocols (DM32W version only)

Dimensions 14.7 × 9.2 × 3.5 cm

Touchscreen dimensions 8.2 cm diagonal (6.6 × 5.0 cm)

Supported units of measurement and results

Channel A

Pressure: Pa, psi or in WC

Channel B

Pressure: Pa, psi or in WC

Flow: CFM, L/s, cu m/s, cu m/h

Flow / Area (Permeability): CFM/sq ft, CFM/100 sq ft, CFM/1000sq ft, (cu m/h)/sq m, (L/s)/sq m

Air changes per hour: /h

Equivalent leakage area, “EqLA”: sq ft, sq in, sq cm

Effective leakage area, “EfLA”: sq ft, sq in, sq cm

*Results can be extrapolated to any desired test pressure

The following results are already extrapolated to the stated reference pressure:

  • Equivalent leakage area extrapolated to 10 Pa, “EqLA10”: sq ft, sq in, sq cm
  • Equivalent leakage area per enclosure area at 10 Pa, “EqLA10/area”: sq ft/sq ft, sq in/sq ft, sq in/100sq ft, sq cm/sq m)
  • Effective leakage area extrapolated to 4 Pa, “EfLA4”: sq ft, sq in, sq cm
  • Effective leakage area per enclosure area at 4 Pa, “EfLA4/area”: (sq ft/sq ft, sq in/sq ft, sq in/100sq ft, sq cm/sq m)

Compatible devices for speed control

Retrotec fans: 200, 1000, 2350, 3350 fans with two control ports on the fan top or drive

Minneaoplis (Energy Conservatory) fans: Using the Retrotec produced TEC speed control adapter: MN3, MN4 (only MN fans with cruise control)



Retrotec DM32 software user manual

  • Technical Document
  • PDF file
  • 1 MB

Retrotec DM32 user manual

  • Technical Document
  • PDF file
  • 7 MB

Retrotec DM32 WiFi quick user guide

  • Technical Document
  • PDF file
  • 901 KB

Retrotec FanTestic (ATTMA) user manual

  • Technical Document
  • PDF file
  • 4 MB



Is there a "hold" feature for the readings on the DM32 gauge ?


Yes, Tap channel A to activate the hold feature, then tap again to release the hold feature.


When conducting an airtightness test when do you use the [Set Speed] feature on the DM32 gauge ?


The [Set Speed], is normally only used when you are not standing next to the fan, typically when you are looking for leaks in a poor build.  If the [Set Pressure] mode is used in this situation and say a door is opened in the construction the fan can ramp up to maximum speed and this can cause damage to the equipment if it is quickly closed again.


How do I connect my DM32 WiFi gauge to a phone, tablet or PC ?


There are multiple options for these solutions:

  • The DM32 WiFi can [Create] a WiFi signal that other devices can join. 
  • The DM32 can [Join] a WiFi signal that is created from a router or hotspot from a phone. 

Remember the DM32 can [Join] a WiFi signal that doesn't have a password directly in the gauge.  If it has a password, you will need to use the Configurator to setup the gauge to connect to the secured WiFi signal.


Can I upgrade my non WI-FI DM32 to a WI-FI version?


Yes this is possible, the gauge will need to be sent back to BSRIA Instruments Solutions for the upgrade.

Please contact the sales team for more details.

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