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Instrument resource library for TSI

BSRIA Instrument Solutions is the UK's largest TSI Gold Sales partner and we distribute a full range of TSI products such as the:-

  • TSI Airflow range including PH730 air capture hoods, TA range of thermal anemometers, LCA 301 & LCA 501 rotating vane anemometers, PANDA duct leakage testers and PVM digital micromanometers.
  • TSI Air Pro range specifically designed for use in the ventilation industry.
  • TSI  APC range (Airborn Particle Counters) Handheld and benchtop models used extensively in the cleanroom industry and for the testing of HEPA filter systems.
  • TSI PresSure range for the continuous monitoring of rooms such as laboratories and healthcare facilities.
  • TSI fume hood monitors ideal for use in LEV systems.
  • TSI Respirator fit testers - The world leading PortaCount range.
  • TSI Industrial hygene range - DustTraks, QTraks, P-Traks all used for the monitoring of air quality.

TSI 4046 and 4146

Devices for calibrating air sampling instruments

TSI 4140 and 4040

High accuracy thermal mass flowmeters for air, oxygen and nitrogen mixtures.

TSI 5000 series

High and wide accuracy flow multi-meters for temperature and pressure compensated flow measurements

TSI 5725 Velocicalc

A high performance, yet simple to use, instrument for the measurement of air velocity and volume

TSI 7575 Q-Trak

The Q-Trak monitor is an ideal instrument for IAQ monitoring a range of parameters including VOC's

TSI 8030 PortaCount Pro

8030 PortaCount Pro respirator fit tester for the testing of face masks

TSI 8038 PortaCount Pro+

8038 PortaCount Pro+ respirator fit tester for the testing of face masks including P1 / P2 versions

TSI 8120

Works in tandem with the PortaCount to test full face respirators are functioning as designed

TSI 8345 & 8346 Velocicalc

Easy to use meters for air velocity, temperature and volume flow readings

TSI 8371

The ideal tool for measuring volume flow through grilles and diffusers

TSI 8386 Velocicalc Plus

A 0-50m/s thermal anemometer with data logging capabilities

TSI 8455, 8465 and 8475

A series of air velocity transducers ideal for both temporary and permanent installations

TSI 8525 P-Trak

TSI P-Trak 8525 ultrafine particle counter ideal for solving IAQ problems

TSI 8636 SureFlow room controller

SureFlow room pressure controller for small labs, controls pressure differential and temperature

TSI 9110

An accurate device for the measurement of particles down to 0.1 micron

TSI 9303

A low cost 3 channel hand held instrument which can store 1,500 sample records

TSI 9306

Low cost 6 channel handheld particle counter which can store 10,000 sample records

TSI 9310 & 9510

28.3 l/min flow rate and reports up to 6 particle sizes from 0.3 to 20 microns

TSI 9350 & 9550

50 l/min flow rate and reports up to 6 particle sizes from 0.3 to 25 microns

TSI 9500

100l/min flow rate and reports up to 6 particle sizes from 0.5 to 25 microns


A lightweight personal aerosol monitor with built in sampling pump


A lightweight portable battery operated personal aerosol monitor with built in sampling pump

TSI AM520i

Intrinsically safe (Ex rated) portable personal aerosol monitor with built in sampling pump

TSI DustTrak environmental monitor

Purpose built real time dust monitoring system designed for use in external environments

TSI DustTrak II and DRX

Desktop and hand held monitors for the monitoring of dust mass and size fractions

TSI FHC50 Fume Hood Control

Fume hood controller and monitor that can alarm on low face velocity

TSI FHM10 Fume Hood Monitor

Fume hoods monitors that can alarm on low face velocity

TSI HM675 and HM685

Instruments used to balance hydronic (water) heating and cooling systems

TSI LRC - Laboratory Room Controller

Laboratory Room Controller is the ideal product for control of HVAC systems in critical spaces


A multifunction electronic balancing tool includes a 610 x 610mm hood and removable manometer

TSI PortaCount 8040 and 8048

Advanced respirator fit testers for the testing of full and half face masks as well as disposables

TSI PresSura

Room pressure monitors designed for healthcare facilities such as isolation suites

TSI Thermal Flow Station

Thermal Flow Station measures critical supply, fume hood and room exhaust airflows

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