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Hontzsch flowtherm NT

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The flowtherm NT a user-friendly handset fitted which is fitted with a 16mm diameter aluminium 100degC Ex category 3 (zone 2) rated vane probe which is suitaable for a wide range of applications.

The instrument comes with datalogging capabilities that allows storage of up to 40,000 values with date and time as well as up to 100 different user profiles.

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  • Data logger for up to 40,000 values with date and time
  • USB interface for downloading the logged data to a PC
  • Analog output 0-10 V
  • Various measuring modes
  • Large, high-contrast display
  • Easy-to-use, tactile key feedback
  • Dynamic control keys
  • IP65 rated for use in hazardous areas ATEX category 3G (zone 2) areas


Type ZS16 vane head

Cylindrical vane wheel sensor / insertion probe with probe diameter 16 mm.

Measuring range 0.6 to 40.0 m/s

Probe material: aluminium.

Working temperature range from -20 to +100 °C.

Suitable for fixed measuring of actual flow velocity v [m/s] and flow rate V/t [m³/h, l/min] in clean gases.

ATEX Ex-protection category 3G (zone 2)

flowtherm NT handset

Display options:-

  • actual flow velocity [m/s], [ft/min]
  • actual flow rate [m³/h]
  • standard flow velocity [N-m/s]
  • standard flow rate [N-m³/h]
  • mass flow [kg/h]

Analog output 0 - 10 V (Cable provided with all rental units)

IP protection: IP65 (housing)

HLOG II software

The transferred data can be displayed numerically in a spreadsheet or as an interactive line chart.  The information can also be saved as a XLS or CSV file as well as the charts exported as JPG file.





Hontzsch flowtherm NT data sheet

  • Technical Document
  • PDF file
  • 417 KB

Hontzsch flowtherm NT handset user manual

  • Technical Document
  • PDF file
  • 1 MB

Hontzsch HLOGII software user manual

  • Technical Document
  • PDF file
  • 918 KB

Hontzsch ZS16 vane head data sheet

  • Technical Document
  • PDF file
  • 411 KB



What data logging options are available ?


The flowtherm NT handset can log instantaneous values / long term measuements using the automatic 'AUTO' function, or via the 'START' function which starts logging at a pre set time.  Data can also be collected with a 'START-STOP' mode (timer).


How long do the batteries last ?


This depends on the battery type, but typically x4 Duracell Plus type batteries will last for approximately 24 hours.  If a long term monitoring exercise is to be conducted the instrument can be run via a USB plug in power supply but this not suitable for use in hazardous areas. 

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