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Megger DET4

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The Megger DET4TC2 is a top of the range eath testing system with a current measuring function for ART (Attached Rod Technique) testing. With this function, on-site grounds can be tested separately without having to remove the utility connection. It also provide stakeless testing capability. This allows the operator to use the instrument like a clamp-on ground tester in applications where that method is viable, while also being able to operate as a fall of potential tester if required. Applications include:

• Primary and secondary electrical grounding systems • Utility pole grounds • Lightning protection systems • Residential grounds • Machinery safety grounds • Computer and communication system grounds • CATV system grounds

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  • 2, 3 and 4 point testing
  • Stakeless (clamp-on) testing capability
  • ART (Attached Rod Technique) capability
  • Multiple, user selectable test frequencies
  • Resistance measurement range to 200,000 Ù
  • IP54 rated
  • Warning indicators prevent test failure
  • Simple one button operation

The DET4TC2 ground tester has been designed to be easy to use – a large selector switch makes selection of 2, 3 or 4 pole tests easy with gloved hands – and the design makes the fitting of shorting links to perform 2-pole tests a thing of the past. A large, clear, easy to read LCD and thumb sized test button also make the instruments particularly well suited to the outdoor conditions of ground testing. In addition to this ease of use feature, the instruments automatically check the connection and conditions of the P spike, C spike, and also the level of ground noise, indicating the status on the display. It also include a voltmeter to enable measurement of ground voltage.

The DET4TC2 can measure resistance from 0.01 ohms to 200 kohms, a key capability for soil resistivity testing. Also, to allow accurate testing in noisy environments, the instruments are capable of rejecting noise up to 40V peak to peak.

The instrument ispowered by eight AA batteries which are widely available and also give excellent testing time – the status of these batteries is given by a bar graph on the LCD display, allowing the operator to decide when to change the batteries before they expire.

By using the optional ICLAMP the user can augment the traditional fall-of-potential measurement method with ART (Attached Rod Technique), which allows electrode testing without disconnection and also leakage current measurements down to 0.5 mA. A second optional clamp, the VCLAMP, enables true stakeless (clamp-on) measurements to be made in situations where driving stakes is not practical.

The DET4TC2 also feature a backlit display, which extends the operational environment of the instrument to cable cellars and other dark locations. Finally, all units have selectable 25 V or 50 V output for compliance with IEC 61557-5. The 25 V output is required for testing in agricultural environments.


Resistance range

0.01 to 200 kΩ autoranging

Resistance accuracy

  • 2P measurements 2% ±3 digits
  • 3P measurements 2% ±3 digits
  • 4P measurements 2% ±3 digits
  • ART measurements 5% ±3 digits
  • Stakeless measurements 7% ±3 digits

Earth voltage range

0 – 100 V

Earth voltage accuracy

2% ±2 V

Ground current range (with current measuring clamp)

0.5 mA to 19.9 A

- For further technical specifications please see the instrument data sheet. -



Megger calibration adaptor instructions

  • Technical Document
  • PDF file
  • 138 KB

Megger DET4 data sheet

  • Technical Document
  • PDF file
  • 619 KB

Megger DET4 series user manual

  • Technical Document
  • PDF file
  • 7 MB

Megger ICLAMP user guide

  • Technical Document
  • PDF file
  • 193 KB

Megger two clamp instructions

  • Technical Document
  • PDF file
  • 136 KB

Megger VCLAMP user guide

  • Technical Document
  • PDF file
  • 85 KB



How long will the unit run on its own batteries ?


The Megger DET4 will run for 3 hours or approximately 700 consecutive tests.

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