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Chauvin Arnoux CA 8230

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The Chauvin Arnoux CA 8230 single-phase or balanced three-phase power analyser is easy to use. Equipped with direct access to its various functions, the CA 8230 provides all measurements needed for a comprehensive diagnostic of power and energy in an electrical installation.  The instrument displays and records up to 17 different power quality parameters which allows the user to measure and qualify electrical network harmonics.  There is also an inrush mode for starter current that shows a detailed waveform during the first few seconds of powering up. Designed with direct access buttons this allows simple operation of the power analyser's various functions and the unit will automatically recognise the type of sensor it is connected to.

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Voltage range       6 V RMS to 600 V RMS AC + DC

AC current range      5 mA to 6,500 A

DC current range      1 A to 1,700 A

Values      Min, Max, Avg, Peak (+ and -), CF

Power values      W, VA, var, DF, THD, cos φ, tan φ

Energy      Wh, VAh, Varh

Harmonics       up to the 50th order

Inrush waveform  18 s

Compliance      IEC 61010 CAT III 600V

Important note :  Instrument Solutions rental models are supplied with x1 MN93A AC CT (switchable 0.005 A  to 5 A or 0.1 A to 100 A / 20 mm clamping diameter) and x1 AmpFlex A193 AC CT (0.1 A to 10,000 A / 120 mm clamping diameter).  All units are also supplied with a CD copy of the DataView software for data analysis.



Sampling rate      256 samples per cycle

Voltage (TRMS)      660V AC / DC (phase-phase), 600V AC/DC (phase-neutral)

Frequency      40 - 70 Hz

Measurements      kW, kVAR, PF, DPF, kWh, kVARh, kVAh, K-factor, flicker, harmonic, phase shift, phase rotation, inrush

Harmonics      THD-R, THD-F, V, A, VA upto 50th order with direction & sequence

Alarms      Stores up to 2096 events 

Data storage      1.5 MB partitioned for waveforms, alarms and trend recording

Power supply      Rechargeable NiMH batteries 

Dimensions     211 x 108 x 60 mm

Weight     0.88 Kg



Chauvin Arnoux CA 8230 power analyser BSRIA data sheet

  • Technical Document
  • PDF file
  • 2 MB

Chauvin Arnoux CA 8230 power analyser user manual

  • Technical Document
  • PDF file
  • 1 MB

Chauvin Arnoux DataView software BSRIA data sheet

  • Technical Document
  • PDF file
  • 4 MB



How long is the battery life of the unit ?


Typically the life of the internal battery is 40 hours when fully charges, and for all logging applications BSRIA would recommend the use of the PSU.


Within the BSRIA hire fleet the CT’S that come provided with the CA8230 are they capable of reading both AC & DC current ?


No, the CT’S that come provided from Instrument Solutions hire will only read AC current only.  If you have a DC application please call the Instrument Solutions team on 01344 459314 to discuss your requirements.

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