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Alnor APM151

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The Alnor APM 151 electronic balometer system comprises of the 610mm x 610mm frame kit, base usit and the APM 150 meter that is designed to measure supply or exhaust air flow from diffusers or grills in HVAC systems. The frame kit consists of a meter, nylon hood, handles, and a base. The meter has a digital readout of volume flow and temperature when used with the balometer base. The range of measurement spans from 85 to 3400 m3/h or 24 to 945 l/s and 0ºC to 50ºC. The meter sums and averages air flow up to 100 points.

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  • The adjustable tilt mechanism allows you to comfortably read the meter from a wide range of angles.
  • The instruments memory can hold 100 readings of velocity, volume, or temperature. For convenience, memory can be organized into sections called pages."All data is saved in battery-backed memory.
  • Auto-off facility to save batteries when not in use.
  • Optional hood kits available.

The optional hoods are supplied as a complete kit for the Instrument Solutions hire models. The hood sizes are as follows:-

610 mm x 1220mm (24 in.x 48in.), 305 mm x 1220mm (12 in.x 48in.), 305 mm x 1525mm (12 in.x 60 in.) and 915 mm x 915 mm (36 in.x 36 in.)


Accuracy supply ±(3% of reading + 7 cfm)

Accuracy exhaust ±(4% of reading + 7 cfm)

Temperature ±(1% of reading + 1°C)



Alnor APM150 user manual

  • Technical Document
  • PDF file
  • 526 KB



Can you still purchase the Alnor APM150 / APM 151 ?


Unfortunately no, these Alnor instruments have been replaced with models such as the TSI PH721 product.

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