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White Papers

As thought leaders for the Built Environment, BSRIA publishes a number of white papers looking at a wide range of topics. They are written to challenge the status quo and to encourage all industry stakeholders to consider the future vision and the challenges and opportunities that will present. They explore how the industry needs to work collaboratively to innovate and drive change to deliver solutions which put people and the environment at the centre of everything that we do.


WP 11/2019 Megatrends: Globalisation
Globalisation is a process which has arguably been progressing for millennia, in which available goods and services, or social and cultural influences, gradually become similar in all parts of the world. This White Paper is the fourth in BSRIA’s series on megatrends, looking at long-term and short-term trends. It examines the impact of globalisation, providing examples related to building services and construction as well as the wider economy.
Published: August 2019.

WP 10/2019 Megatrends: Demographics
Demographics looks at the size, structure, movement and rates of change of human populations. Any large-scale changes in population are also likely to have social, cultural, economic and political implications. This short white paper summarises some of these key trends and then goes on to look at the main effects on society at large, and on the built environment and building services in particular. It is the third in a series of white papers on megatrends.
Published: January 2019.

WP 9/2018 Megatrends: Smart Building Technology
Throughout history, technological changes have had enormous impacts on the way we live and work. In recent years, the rise of social media has resulted in profound changes in society, not dissimilar to those that happened following the invention of the printing press. As well as providing a historical context, this BSRIA White Paper examines the technologies that will have an effect on buildings and building services in coming years. These range from digital technologies such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence to hi-tech machines such as 3D printers and robotic bricklayers. Global sources are drawn on to paint a picture of a changing world
Published: October 2018

WP 8/2018 Wearables and Wellbeing in Buildings - The story so far
Comfort and wellbeing are increasingly recognised as key objectives for smart buildings, but this raises the question of how one measures wellbeing and how this is then used to demonstrate economic value. This White Paper looks at ways of evaluating wellbeing. More specifically it focuses on the part wearable devices can play in measuring wellbeing in buildings, on the types of wearable solutions currently available, the types of companies producing them and the types of buildings where they are most likely to be of value.
Published: June 2018

WP 7/2018 Megatrends - Urbanisation
The first in a series on Megatrends, this White Paper looks at the massive global movement towards urbanisation, expected to be in excess of two-thirds of the world’s population by 2050, and the profound implications this will bring.
Published: December 2017


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