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Clearing the air on EU guidance projects for school buildings by Camacho-Montano S, Wagner A, et al (July 2019)

This paper compares schemes for the designing or retrofitting of school ventilation and air quality systems. Two programmes: SINPHONIE and Schools for the Future are compared.


Fanning as an alternative to air conditioning - a sustainable solution for reducing indoor occupational heat stress by Jay O, Hoelzl R, et al (June 2019)

We assessed whether increasing airflow with an electric fan is similarly effective as decreasing air temperature with air cooling (AC) in preventing heat-related reductions...


Ten questions concerning the built environment and mental health by Hoisington A, Stearns-Yoder K, et al (May 2019)

. We offer ten questions that highlight the importance of current lessons learned regarding the built environment and mental health


Ceiling fans: predicting indoor air speeds based on full scale laboratory measurements by Raftery P, Fizer J, et al (May 2019)

In this study, the researchers provided the results of the largest study to date on air speeds generated by ceiling fans.


Evaluating the effects of green building on construction waste management: a comparative study of three green building rating systems by Lu W, Chi B, et al (May 2019)

This study aims to evaluate the effects of green building rating systems (GBRSs) around the world on construction waste management (CWM).


Effects of indoor humidity on building occupants' thermal comfort and evidence in terms of climate adaptation by Kong D, Liu H, et al (May 2019)

This study aims to provide evidence on the effect of humidity on people's thermal comfort and their humidity adaptation. A comparative study has been conducted.


Effectiveness of the thermal mass of external walls on residential buildings for part-time part-space heating and cooling using the state-space method by Deng J, Yao R, et al (May 2019)

The present study aims to investigate the thermal mass effectiveness of external walls on the part-time part-space operation of heating and cooling of a typical residence.


Modeling organic compounds degradation by photocatalytic oxidation reactor in indoor air: a review by Malayeri M, Haghighat F, et al (May 2019)

This paper focuses on photocatalytic oxidation (PCO),which has a great potential to eliminate various gaseous pollutants even at low concentrations. Numerous studies have...


A test-based method for estimating the service life of adsorptive portable air cleaners in removing indoor formaldehyde by Zhu X, Lv M, et al (May 2019)

This study proposes a testing method which enables continuous measurement of the clean air delivery rate (CADR) in ventilation systems


Make air quality mandatory by Frise D (May 2019)

A group of lawyers, property professionals and evironmental consultants called for indoor air quality (IAQ) measures to be made legally enforceable during a roundtable,,,

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