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Operations and maintenance (O&M) benchmarking network

How do you measure your building's performance?

The BSRIA O&M benchmarking network provides up-to-date information and benchmark data in buildings across a range of industries. Data is broken down by type, size and geographical location of building for easier comparison. We also run regular events and seminars on key industry topics.

Building operators join our network because it helps them make like-for-like comparisons with their peers and identify areas to:

  • save energy
  • reduce maintenance costs
  • improve efficiency
  • improve service

Seminar Programme

We run a regular series of events covering key topics for building operators as well as specialist interest groups for people operating similar types of buildings.

Past Events

Measuring occupant wellbeing - 7th September 2017, Manchester

Many organisations have started to show a direct interest in providing an environment that can improve occupants’ wellbeing.  All descriptions of wellbeing indicate that it is more than just the lack of negative situations, such as illness, but it also includes positive features such as happiness. ‘Well’ buildings can support the occupants to thrive and happily perform to their optimum ability.

Agenda and presentations can be downloaded below:

Workshop – Measuring occupant wellbeing - 10th February 2017

This event was a follow up to the event below that took place in December 2016. The aim of the workshop was to facilitate a discussion about whether/how a standard methodology (Building MOTs) is needed to help the industry to deliver and maintain safe, efficient and healthy buildings. Most participants expressed their interest to participate in a follow-up, a more focused workshop on Building MOTS, which took place on 10th February. 

Agenda and presentations can be downloaded below:

Measuring occupant wellbeing - 2nd December 2016

The importance of occupant well-being has attracted more attention recently as it is now generally accepted that if an occupant's well-being reduces, productivity will typically reduce as well. So workplaces should not only be environmentally friendly but also friendly to their users.

All descriptions of well-being indicate that it is more than just the lack of negative situations, such as illness, but it also includes positive features such as happiness. Well-being is a dynamic state of mind which helps an individual to thrive and happily perform to their optimum ability.

BSRIA is proud to provide services to the industry to help to ensure well-being is maintained in buildings.  This event helped you better understand how to track and improve well-being in your buildings.

Agenda and presentations can be downloaded below:


Building Efficiency - 13th May 2016

Today’s UK portfolio of non-domestic buildings is where the future of UK prosperity is determined.  So in order to meet the needs of the occupants, achieve the UK & EU carbon/energy reduction targets, and comply with legislation whilst keeping within the budgets imposed on them; building service engineers, FMs and energy managers have a mammoth task to keep a building functioning to all criteria’s imposed on them.

This event looked at the benefits of a business focused attitude towards maintenance strategy decision making, how benchmarking projects can be used in order to demonstrate evidence of improvements and how it can drive efficiency.  We also  looked at how building performance evaluation can identify areas of good performance and also where there is a need for improvement.

Download the presentations and agenda below:

Information Management in FM - 5th February 2016

Delivering information is relatively easy in this digital age but delivering useful information is more challenging. This event is aimed at bringing the facilities management industry together with the construction supply chain.

Advancement in Building Information Modelling gives the industry a fantastic opportunity to get information management right from the start for new projects. And there is also an opportunity to identify what information you need about your existing estate that can be filled by good practice information management.

This event gave an introduction into the power of good information and looked in more detail as to what the supply chain is being challenged with and how Clients can improve what they ask for.


Compliance in FM - 2nd October 2015

Compliance with legislation is an important part of managing a building.  It is the responsible person that has to ensure compliance is recorded and visible to business leaders, but this isn’t always as easy as it sounds. This event was designed to offer advice on how to engage with business leaders about compliance and gives an update on information regarding two hot topics right now, legionella risk management and energy regulation. 

The final presentation  lead into a workshop to help delegates understand how compliance is being successfully tracked and demonstrated to business leaders in a large FM service provider organisation across multiple contracts and work through how that might be presented in their own organisations.


The Challenges and Opportunities of In-House 'vs' Outsourced Hard FM - 22nd April 2015

Expertise in hard FM is required to ensure efficient asset management and providing added value to the core business but who is best placed to deliver that an in-house team or an outsourced contractor?

This event brought the experiences of an end Client moving from in-house provision to engaging in FM contracting and a Contractor providing these services. Each speaker discussed the challenges and opportunities there are. Also discussed were how the relationships differ, exploring how these customer / supplier relationships can be more fully understood and improved.

Measure to manage? - 4th July 2014

“You can't manage what you don't measure”.  It is an old management adage that is still accurate today, but how you measure is as important as what you measure. This event shows you the benefits of benchmarking and the value of a whole life cycle culture. See speaker profiles.

Download presentations:


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