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Withdrawn and superseded publications

BSRIA publications may be withdrawn when the guidance or research findings contained in them become out-of-date or are no longer needed by the industry. BSRIA publications are sometimes superseded by new or updated guidance. Withdrawn and superseded publications are available as pdf only. Downloads are free to BSRIA members, or £30 + VAT for non-members.

As with all guidance in BSRIA publications, risk associated with use of material from withdrawn or superseded publications is borne entirely by the user. Please contact the publications manager, David Bleicher if you have any questions about the validity or currency of information in any BSRIA publication.


Integrated Building Design: An interactive training module for construction industry and clients CD (Withdrawn) (CD 23/99) by Colas D. (January 1999)

CD presents a module based on BSRIA's Environmental Code of Practice and Project Management Handbook and related work on building design. Writes for construction industry professionals and clients and takes account of input from industry, educationalists and professional...


Specifying building management systems (Withdrawn) (TN 6/98) by Pennycook K, Hamilton G (February 1998)

Provides background information and guidance relating to the wide range of issues which should be considered when specifying a building management system (BMS). Writes for both clients when briefing consulting engineers and for consulting engineers themselves when compiling...


Night cooling control strategies - Final report (Withdrawn) (RR5/96) by Martin A, Fletcher J (January 1996)

The final report of research inspired by the need to use appropriate night cooling control strategies to achieve the maximum amount of cooling while avoiding overcooling, reducing energy consumption and costs. The research involved site monitoring for night cooling control...


Value engineering of building services (Withdrawn) (AG 15/96) by Hayden G W., Parsloe C J. (January 1996)

Explains the basic concepts underlying the techniques of value analysis including 'value management' and, in particular, 'value engineering'. Demonstrates how these techniques might influence the design of building services systems. Intends the guide to be used by building...


Displacement ventilation and chilled ceilings (Withdrawn) (TN 2/96) by Alamdari, F and Eagles, N (January 1996)

This publication is withdrawn


Design information flow (Withdrawn) (TN 17/92) by Wild L J. (January 1992)

Writes for professional practices and designer contractors. States that poor information from the building services design office has been identified as a source of contractual conflict. Presents a manual intended as an example procedure to guide designers through the process of...


Commissioning of VAV systems in buildings (Superseded) (AG 1/91) by BSRIA (January 1991)

Covers the commissioning requirements for variable air volume (VAV) systems in air conditioned buildings. Includes the design and installation to ensure that VAV systems are commissionable. States the Guide is intended to be used in conjunction with the CIBSE's Commissioning...


Design briefing manual (Withdrawn) (AG 1/90) by Parsloe Colin (December 1990)

Supplies an outline procedure for the preparation of design briefs for the building services components of buildings.


Design recommendations for room air distribution systems (Withdrawn) (TN 3/90) by Jackman P J. (January 1990)

Discusses the many complex factors that determine the behaviour of air streams within rooms and that influence the resulting thermal environment. In addition provide guidance on good design practice in the application of air distribution systems. Section headings are 1)...


Building energy management systems (Withdrawn) (DLP01) by Levermore G J, BEMS Centre (August 1988)

Scanned PDF for download only. A self-study or distance-learning package to explain the basic concepts of a Building Energy Management System, its central station and its outstation(s). The role of the microprocessor is explained, showing how it can be used to control building...

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