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Withdrawn and superseded publications

BSRIA publications may be withdrawn when the guidance or research findings contained in them become out-of-date or are no longer needed by the industry. BSRIA publications are sometimes superseded by new or updated guidance. Withdrawn and superseded publications are available as pdf only. Downloads are free to BSRIA members, or £30 + VAT for non-members.

As with all guidance in BSRIA publications, risk associated with use of material from withdrawn or superseded publications is borne entirely by the user. Please contact the publications manager, David Bleicher if you have any questions about the validity or currency of information in any BSRIA publication.


BSRIA Library of Standard Details (Withdrawn) (CD 10/2009) by Parsloe C (May 2009)

The latest Library of Schematic Drawings from BSRIA is available on CD and contains around 193 common building services design and installation details, sub-divided into differenct categories, including a complete symbols library. The drawings were produced with direct input...


Maintenance for Building Services (Superseded) (BG 3/2008) by Harris J (June 2008)

Presents the fourth edition of AG 4/89.2 Maintenance Contracts for Building Engineering Services to reflect changes in regulations and working practices. Although written with services maintenance contracts in mind, the guidance can be used equally for both fabric and grounds...


Whole-Life Costing Analysis (Superseded) (BG 5/2008) by Churcher D (June 2008)

This publication has been superseded by BG 67/2016 Life Cycle Costing


Illustrated guide to electrical building services 2nd edition (Superseded) (BG 5/2005) by Hastings P (November 2005)

This guide was superseded in 2014 by BG 32/2014


Wind-Driven Natural Ventilation Systems (Withdrawn) (BG 2/2005) by Parker J., Teekaram A. (February 2005)

Provides guidance on the design and application of wind-driven natural ventilation systems. Topics covered are: how wind-driven ventilation works; performance factors; siting and installation; meteorological data; automatic controls; test method; designing and sizing methodology;...


Business-focused maintenance (Superseded) (BG 3/2004) by Harris J, Hastings P. (December 2004)

BG 3/2004 Business Focused Maintenance has been withdrawn from sale. in 2016.


Pre-commission cleaning of pipework systems. Including advice on fit-out works (superseded) (AG 1/2001.1) by Parsloe C J (September 2004)

A revised edition of Application Guide AG 1/2001 which contains all the recommendations for design, installation, system flushing and chemical cleaning of pipework systems; but also includes a completely new section dealing with the issues raised when connecting new pipework to existing pipework.


Computer-based operating and maintenance manuals - Options and procurement guidance (Withdrawn) (BG 2/2004) by De Saulles T. (June 2004)

The guide is aimed at engineers involved in the procurement and use of computer-based O&M manuals for building services. It is intended to help procure and implement the most appropriate computerised O&M systems. The guide is in two parts: Part one - Guidance to using...


E-knowledge and opportunities in the building services industry (Withdrawn) (EKOPS/2004) by Churcher D BSRIA, Bunting G NCC (February 2004)

To understand how future developments within e-knowledge could contribute to improved performance in the building services industry, this scoping study investigated the likely scenarios for industry development over the next seven years and the potential technology scenarios...


A practical guide to HVAC building services calculations (Superseded) (BG 30/2003) by Lawrence Race G, Mitchell S (June 2003)

Superseded by AG 1/2001.1 Pre-commission cleaning of pipework systems

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