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White papers

As thought leaders for the Built Environment, BSRIA publishes a number of white papers looking at a wide range of topics. They are written to challenge the status quo and to encourage all industry stakeholders to consider the future vision and the challenges and opportunities that will present. They explore how the industry needs to work collaboratively to innovate and drive change to deliver solutions which put people and the environment at the centre of everything that we do.


Megatrends: Demographics (WP 10/2019) by Henry Lawson (January 2019)

Demographics looks at the size, structure, movement and rates of change of human populations.


Megatrends: Smart Building Technology (WP 9/2018) by Henry Lawson (October 2018)

Throughout history, technological changes have had enormous impacts on the way we live and work.


Wearables and Wellbeing in Buildings - The story so far (WP 8/2018) by Henry Lawson (June 2018)

Comfort and wellbeing are increasingly recognised as key objectives for smart buildings, but this raises the question of how one measures wellbeing and how this is then used to demonstrate economic value.


Megatrends – Urbanisation (WP 7/2018) by Henry Lawson (December 2017)

The first in a series on Megatrends, this White Paper looks at the massive global movement towards urbanisation, expected to be in excess of two-thirds of the world’s population by 2050, and the profound implications this will bring.


Trends towards wearables and wellbeing in buildings – a threat or opportunity for the HVAC industry? (withdrawn) (WP 6/2017) by Henry Lawson (September 2017)

Wearables have the potential to help with traditional HVAC management systems and provide a personalised environment suited to the individual wearer. By tracking the wearer’s movements they can help ensure that heating and cooling is directed to where it is needed and take account of variable factor


Brexit white paper (Withdrawn) (WP 5/2017) by BSRIA (March 2017)

BSRIA presents the results from a major engagement exercise with its members and the industry has undertaken to identify the key issues in the specific context of the built environment industry, covering both threats and opportunities.


Retrofit, Refurbishment & the Growth of Connected HVAC Technology (Withdrawn) (WP 4/2016) by Jeremy Towler (March 2016)

This white paper is the outcome of a BSRIA Diamond group discussion to look at what technologies will be used for refurbishment & retrofit in the future, what would be the roadblocks and will a building life cycle approach really work?


Future Building Trends – Impacts – Solutions (withdrawn) (WP 3/2015) by Jeremy Towler (December 2015)

This paper examines: how buildings can improve productivity and wellbeing – touching on all aspects of building design, construction, use, and maintenance. Also, the relationship of buildings with their immediate environment as well as their connection to the wider world.


Product and Systems for Generation Z in Reduced Carbon Buildings (withdrawn) (WP 2/2015) by Jeremy Towler (September 2015)

This paper looks at: ‘What will be the expectations of Generation Z – the ‘smart’ generation?; what does our industry need to do to deliver these expectations?


Achieving Carbon Targets and Bridging the Skills Gap (withdrawn) (WP 1/2015) by Jeremy Towler (August 2015)

This paper looks at what our industry needs from the government to achieve carbon targets and to address the resourcing and skills issues we face.

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