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Water treatment

This section features our guides on the management and treatment of water in buildings and guides on legionellosis. For a full list of BSRIA's guides please visit A-Z guides.


Water treatment and commissioning set (WATER1) by (December 2016)

This set contains BSRIA’s guides to commissioning water systems, pre-commission cleaning and water treatment, plus CIBSE’s commissioning code for water systems.


Legionnaires' Disease - Operation and Maintenance Log Book (BG 58/2015) by Reginald Brown and Salim Deramchi (May 2015)

Legionnaires' Disease - Operation and Maintenance Log Book covers the recording of operation and maintenance data for risk systems. It includes a selection of editable forms for common risk systems that can be used to create the log book and covers the latest standards and guidance.


Legionnaires' Disease - Risk Assessment (BG 57/2015) by Reginald Brown and Salim Deramchi (February 2015)

This guide provides a framework for a legionella risk assessment. It replaces AG20/2000 and has been updated to take account of later standards and guidance documents including the 2013 edition of the Approved Code of Practice and Guidance (ACOP) and associated guidance (HSG27)


Legionnaires' Disease set of 2 guides (LWT2) by Reginald Brown and Salim Deramchi (February 2015)

This set replaces our previous legionella set (LWT) and contains Legionnaires’ Disease – Risk Assessment (BG 57/2015) and BSRIA’s Legionnaire’s Disease – Operation and Maintenance Log Book (BG 58/2015). Save 30% by ordering both guides together.


Illustrated Guide to Hot and Cold Water Services (BG 33/2014) by Reginald Brown (November 2014)

explains the principles and technology used in hot and cold water services, also known as domestic water services, in all types of buildings. It also includes sections on drainage and installation and commissioning.


Pre-Commission Cleaning and Water Treatment Set (PCWT) by Brown R, Parsloe C (November 2013)

Buy Pre-Commission Cleaning of Pipework Systems (BG 29/2012) and new Water Treatment for Closed Heating and Cooling Systems (BG50/2013) for only £80/£40 to BSRIA members.


Water Treatment for Closed Heating and Cooling Systems (BG 50/2013) by Edited by Reginald Brown (October 2013)

BG 50/2013 guide replaces Water Treatment for Building Services (AG2/93) in respect of closed building services. Provides an introduction to theory of practice of water treatment in closed systems for design engineers, installing contractors and maintenance staff.


Commissioning Guide Set (Compak3) by BSRIA (January 2013)

BSRIA's latest commissioning guide set now includes BG44/2013 Seasonal Commissioning plus BG49/2013 Commissioning Air Systems, BG2/2010 Commissioning Water Systems, BG29/2012 Pre-Commission Cleaning of Pipework Systems, BG11/2010 Commissioning Job Book, BG8/2009 Model...


Commissioning Water Systems Set (CCW/BG2 ) by Parsloe C (September 2010)

Set of two revised guides providing the latest information on water commissioning for practising engineers. Both guides have been produced by a collaborative industry steering group, so BSRIA and CIBSE are withdrawing their earlier guidance and recommend that you buy the new ones...


Water reclamation guidance - Design and construction of systems using grey water (TN 6/2002) by Brown R., Palmer A. (July 2002)

Highlights specific issues of concern affecting the design, construction and installation of packaged water reclamation systems using grey water. Aimed at manufacturers, installers and end users of water reclamation systems using grey water. Takes account of information produced...

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