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Topic Guides

Topic guides are to help you find out what resources are available from BSRIA and beyond and to provide an easy point of reference across our services, publications and expertise. We also aim to provide industry expert insight to show readers there is more to the topic than they may have first thought.


Soft Landings and Business-Focused Maintenance (TG 19/2019) by Michelle Agha-Hossein, Nick Blake (May 2019)

Soft Landings is a process that, if adopted at the early stages of a construction project, can help the client and the project delivery team to deliver a building that meets the client’s expectations.


Copper Corrosion (TG 18/2019) by Chris Thompson (April 2019)

Copper pipework is widely used in the building services industry for water distribution.


Offsite Construction for Building Services (TG 17/2019) by John Sands (January 2019)

Offsite construction is a general term for making parts of a building away from the construction site before transporting them and installing them in their final location.


BREEAM (TG 16/2018) by BSRIA (December 2018)

This topic guide introduces BREEAM, which is a building sustainability assessment tool that has been used to measure building performance since 1991.


Green Building and Sustainability (TG15/2018) by BSRIA (September 2018)

This topic guide describes what 'green building' and building sustainably actually means.


3D Printing (TG 14/2017) by BSRIA (September 2017)

BSRIA has launched a 3D Printing Guide to answer the how?, what? and why?


Brexit (Withdrawn) (TG 13/2018) by BSRIA (September 2017)

The aim of this guide is to help members get a quick overview and understanding of all things Brexit.


Legionella (Update) (TG 8/2017) by BSRIA (April 2017)

This topic guide offers at-a-glance reference information to the issues of legionella bacteria, regulatory and guidance frameworks, advice and further reading.


Indoor Air Quality (TG 12/2016) by BSRIA (December 2016)

The guide is aimed at those looking for introductory information about indoor air quality including definition, history and prevalence.


Standards (TG 11/2016) by BSRIA (December 2016)

This topic guide is for those who use Standards as part of their work or studies but need clarification on the importance of Standards and what some of the statuses actually mean.

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