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Design and management guides

This section contains guides that will assist with the design and management of the design of building services systems. For a full list of BSRIA's guides visit A-Z of guides.


Interface Engineering Publications Set (IEP Set) by Bunn R, Roberts D, Mitchell , Heywood M, Hawkins G., Simpson D., White S.Hennessy R, Cripps A, Vibert J and Keyworth B (March 2006)

This set consists of six Interface Engineering Publications (IEPs). The guides aim to bridge the gaps in technical knowledge at the interfaces between construction packages. They involve reformatting existing professional knowledge developed by services and structural sectors...


Services in Structural Framed Timber Buildings - Guidance for a defect-free interface (IEP 5/2005) by Hennessy R., Cripps A., Bunn R. (June 2005)

Provides comprehensive advice on the interface issues of mechanical and electrical services with timber structures. Presents key design issues of structural timber frame, design issues for services and fire engineering. Includes case studies on Norwich Cathedral Refectory and...


Supporting services from structure. Guidance for a defect-free interface (IEP 4/2004) by Bunn R., Heywood M. (November 2004)

This guide introduces the design issues faced by structural and building services engineers and examines the implications of key design decisions on the integration of the building services into the structure. Discusses in detail ways in which the services may be attached to the...


Free cooling systems (BG 8/2004) by De Saulles T. (October 2004)

The proposed changes to Part L of the Building Regulations will create challenging energy targets for all buildings intended to improve performance by around 25%. For air conditioned buildings, a significant contribution to reaching proposed Part L of the Building Regulations...


Design Guides Set (DESIGN 2) by Pennycook K, Langmaid J (October 2004)

Set includes Design Checks for HVAC 2nd Edition, BG4/2007, A Guide to HVAC Building Services Calculations 2nd Edition, BG 30/2007 and Choosing Building Services, BG 9/2004. These three BSRIA guides provide practical, easy to follow HVAC design guidance. They are written for daily...


Choosing building services. A practical guide to system selection (BG 9/2004) by Langmaid J. (September 2004)

"Decision support tool" and accompanying publication provide information to help clients obtain an understanding of building services to satisfy functional needs in buildings. Enables a client to specify the type of environment it wants rather than a particular building...


Services integration with concrete buildings - Guidance for a defect-free interface (IEP 3/2004) by Bunn R., Simpson D., White S. (May 2004)

Co-Construct publication - Third guide in a series called Interface Engineering Publications designed to appeal to both structural and services design engineers. BSRIA and The Concrete Society have pooled their technical knowledge to provide both professions with consistent...


Services Co-ordination with Structural Beams - Guidance for a defect-free interface (IEP 2/2003) by Mitchell S., HeywoodM., Hawkins G (December 2003)

Co-Construct publication - Second guide in a series called Interface Engineering Publications, produced by BSRIA and The Steel Construction Institute provides guidance on the best ways to engineer the interface between structural design and services distribution. Concentrates on...


Screeds with underfloor heating - Guidance for a defect-free interface (IEP 11/2003) by Bunn R., Roberts D. (August 2003)

Co-Construct publication - First guide in a series call Interface Engineering Publications, focussing on the design, installation and commissioning issues of underfloor heating systems and concrete screeds. The guide contains established guidance on the subject provided by BSRIA...


Feedback from Facilities Management (TR 2/2003) by Pearson C. (March 2003)

Presents the findings of a DTI and industry-funded research project. Describes an approach to capturing data from facilities management and using it properly to develop wisdom in building design and construction. Outlines the general principles of feedback, examines various...

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