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Design and management guides

This section contains guides that will assist with the design and management of the design of building services systems. For a full list of BSRIA's guides visit A-Z of guides.


Heat Recovery Systems (HRS 1/2009) by BSRIA (March 2009)

This guidance document from BSRIA gives the reader an overview of heat recovery. Outlined in this document are the benefits of heat recovery, and the following types of air-to-air heat recovery are also discussed: Plate heat-exchangers, thermal wheel, run-around coil, heat pipe...


CHP for Existing Buildings. Guidance on design and installation (BG 2/2007) by Teekaram A, Palmer A, Parker J. (November 2007)

This publication provides guidance on the retrofitting of small-scale CHP systems, but many of the technical and operational issues are similar for a first time installation. Topics covered include thermal interfacing with existing plant and other design considerations, effective control, and heat rejection. Includes case studies that illustrate sites with retrofitted CHP plant.


Guide to HVAC Building Services Calculations 2nd Edition (BG 30/2007) by Pennycook K, Churcher D, Bleicher D (June 2007)

This second edition has been expanded to include new and revised sections and provides practical, easy to follow methodologies for a range of calculations used in the design and sizing of heating, ventilating and air conditioning. The guidance is primarily based on data and...


Building Services Calculations set (CALCS) by Pennycook K., Bleicher D., et al (June 2007)

Set includes: 1) A guide to HVAC Building Services Calculations 2nd Edition, BG30/2007. Presented in the form of calculation sheets including design watchpoints, design tips and rules of thumb, the Guide is intended to aid the design process and reduce errors. 2) Model...


Design checks for HVAC - A quality control framework (Second edition) (BG 4/2007) by Pennycook K (March 2007)

This updated second edition of Design Checks for HVAC will improve the quality control and performance of the technical design process. This second edition is up to date with the legislative requirements, standards and codes of practice current in January 2007. Good design is...


Model Demonstration Design Project (BG 1/2006) by Churcher D., Sands J and Parlsoe C. (December 2006)

This guide presents a detailed worked example of a complete project. Model Demonstration Design Project uses the information in the Practical Guide to HVAC Building Services Calculations, BG30/2003, in a project scenario. It shows the steps required to complete the calculations...


Design Checks for Electrical Services - A quality control framework for electrical engineers (BG 3/2006) by Pennycook K. (May 2006)

Describes the electrical engineering design process. A series of data sheets for electrical systems and equipment gives design guidance on design inputs, outputs and practical watchpoints for a range of key design topics, to aid the design process and reduce errors. The...


Design Checks Set (DESIGNC3) by Lawrence Race G., Pennycook K. (May 2006)

Set of 3 books includes: Design Checks for HVAC 2nd Edition, BG 4/2007, Design Checks for Public Health Engineering, BG 2/2006 and Design Checks for Electrical Services, BG 3/2006. Good design is central to the achievement of quality buildings that satisfy client requirements,...


Services in timber framed construction - Guidance for a defect-free interface (IEP 6/2005 (2006)) by Vibert J., Keyworth B., Bunn R. (March 2006)

Gives advice to clients on the characteristics of timber framed structures and explains how mechanical and electrical building services need to interface with this method of construction. Concludes with how to address installation issues of drainage and plumbing, gas...


Design checks for Public Health Engineering - A quality control framework for public health engineer (BG 2/2006) by Pennycook K. (March 2006)

Good design is central to the achievement of quality buildings that satisfy client requirements, yet all too often defects and failures that occur after occupation can be shown to have their origin in design deficiencies. The aim of Design Checks for Public Health Engineering...

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