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Book Sets

This section contains all BSRIA's sets of guides on a particular topic. These sets are great value for money as you can access our most popular titles more cheaply than if you purchased them individually.


Pre-Commission Cleaning and Water Treatment Set (PCWT) by Brown R, Parsloe C (November 2013)

Buy Pre-Commission Cleaning of Pipework Systems (BG 29/2012) and new Water Treatment for Closed Heating and Cooling Systems (BG50/2013) for only £80/£40 to BSRIA members.


Ductwork Set (DUCT1) by Hawkins G (February 2013)

This set contains Flexible Ductwork (BG 43/2013) and Structural Fixings for Ductwork Systems (BG 10/2010), both produced in association with ADCAS. The Flexible Ductwork guide aims to help improve building performance by providing guidance on legislation, product standards,...


Commissioning Guide Set (Compak3) by BSRIA (January 2013)

BSRIA's latest commissioning guide set now includes BG44/2013 Seasonal Commissioning plus BG49/2013 Commissioning Air Systems, BG2/2010 Commissioning Water Systems, BG29/2012 Pre-Commission Cleaning of Pipework Systems, BG11/2010 Commissioning Job Book, BG8/2009 Model...


Project Management Set (PM2) by Hawkins G, Portman J, Bleicher D (October 2011)

Set of 2 project management guides containing: BG37/2011, Utility Connections and Diversions - Planning, design and installation. This guide provides comprehensive guidance and practical tools (including templates and checklists) to assist with planning, design and installation...


Commissioning Water Systems Set (CCW/BG2 ) by Parsloe C (September 2010)

Set of two revised guides providing the latest information on water commissioning for practising engineers. Both guides have been produced by a collaborative industry steering group, so BSRIA and CIBSE are withdrawing their earlier guidance and recommend that you buy the new ones...


Renewables Set (R1/2009) by Pennycook K, Brown R (December 2009)

BSRIA's renewable set contains BG 1/2008 Illustrated Guide to Renewables and BG 7/2009 Heat Pumps - A Guidance document for designers.


Building Services Calculations set (CALCS) by Pennycook K., Bleicher D., et al (June 2007)

Set includes: 1) A guide to HVAC Building Services Calculations 2nd Edition, BG30/2007. Presented in the form of calculation sheets including design watchpoints, design tips and rules of thumb, the Guide is intended to aid the design process and reduce errors. 2) Model...


Design Checks Set (DESIGNC3) by Lawrence Race G., Pennycook K. (May 2006)

Set of 3 books includes: Design Checks for HVAC 2nd Edition, BG 4/2007, Design Checks for Public Health Engineering, BG 2/2006 and Design Checks for Electrical Services, BG 3/2006. Good design is central to the achievement of quality buildings that satisfy client requirements,...


Interface Engineering Publications Set (IEP Set) by Bunn R, Roberts D, Mitchell , Heywood M, Hawkins G., Simpson D., White S.Hennessy R, Cripps A, Vibert J and Keyworth B (March 2006)

This set consists of six Interface Engineering Publications (IEPs). The guides aim to bridge the gaps in technical knowledge at the interfaces between construction packages. They involve reformatting existing professional knowledge developed by services and structural sectors...


Design Guides Set (DESIGN 2) by Pennycook K, Langmaid J (October 2004)

Set includes Design Checks for HVAC 2nd Edition, BG4/2007, A Guide to HVAC Building Services Calculations 2nd Edition, BG 30/2007 and Choosing Building Services, BG 9/2004. These three BSRIA guides provide practical, easy to follow HVAC design guidance. They are written for daily...

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